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tv   Today  NBC  February 17, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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back now with more on "today" on a thursday morning, 17th of february, 2011. nice people who have stuck it out with us this morning on a beautifully moderate morning here in new york city. we thank them for stopping by. out on the plaza right now, matt lauer along with natalie morales and al roker. coming up, more on this brutal attack on cbs news correspondent lara logan. she was not only beaten but sexually assaulted while covering the political upheaval
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in egypt in the past week. she's recovering at home now. she got a call from the president within the last day or so. we'll find out more about how she's doing coming up. >> heart-breaking story. we send her our best. we'll take a look at aging. it's something that a lot of people worry about. is it normal to start forgetting certain things or could it be the beginning of something more like alzheimer's? we'll answer your questions. also, we'll talk about how to handle your family's finances. can it be a make-or-break issue for couples. we'll help you get your spouse on the same track when it comes to making a budget and making sure that you both stick with it. and for those of you who have got the pooch at home, not everybody can have a westminster winner like hickory who dropped by our studio yesterday, but you can have a top dog at home if you follow the five things every owner should know to keep your pooch out of the doghouse. >> cuties right there.
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>> cutie pies. ann is standing by with a check of all the headlines. ann, good morning. >> good morning. military officials in bahrain have banned all public gathering just hours after riot police used deadly force to clear thousands of antigovernment protesters from the city square. bahrain's health minister says three people were killed and 230 people were injured. meantime, in libya antigovernment protesters have declared today a day of rage. an update on lara logan, the cbs reporter attacked while covering the revolution in eg t egypt. today, amy robach has details. what more can you tell us? >> lara logan flew back to the united states on saturday. that was the day after the attack took place. she was treated in a hospital before, just recently being released to her family. the mother of two is home in washington, d.c. where she continues to recover. the latest news on lara logan was reported by cbs news wednesday night. >> we're happy to report she's
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out of the hospital now, continuing her recovery at home. she received a call today from president obama who expressed his concern. >> reporter: logan was in cairo friday to report on the resignation of president hosni mubarak but was surrounded by a mob of 200. this photo released by cbs was taken the moment before what cbs news has described as a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating. according to the committee to protect foreign journalists, 140 reporters have been attacked while covering the protests in egypt. this was not the first difficulty logan experienced in egypt. one week before the attack, logan and her colleagues were detained by egyptian security forces and endured a long interrogation before weeg being expelled from the country. logan said she felt compelled to go back. >> it's in my blood to be there. >> you don't want people to question your ability to carry
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out what's been considered a man's job for very long. >> reporter: judith is a journalism professor who used to work with logan. she says attacks against women reporting in foreign countries often go unreported. >> women are worried that if their news editors are concerned they'll suffer an attack like this, they might not send them into dangerous assignments. >> reporter: logan has covered war zones for two decades. the married mother of two young children has spoken openly about the difficulty of working in dangerous environments. >> i have a sense of responsibility and a sense of duty. i believe that this is something that i was meant to do. >> experts tell us as demonstrations continue to arise in the middle east, so could the opportunity for attacks on western journalists like the ones we've seen in recent days, ann. >> thanks, amy. in other news, same-sex couples will be able to enter into civil unions in hawaii starting next january. hi hawaii's governor is set to sign the bill after lawmakers pass it
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on wednesday. six other states already allow civil unions. the borders book store chain says about 6,000 u.s. employees will lose their jobs as the company reorganizes under wednesday's chapt 11 bankruptcy filing. a judge has ordered the mayor and five other current and former officials of belle california, to stand trial for corruption. they're accused of looting more than $5 million from the los angeles suburb. honda is recalling nearly 700,000 of its popular fit subcompact cars around the world along with two other models. a defective spring can cause the engine to stall. last month the fit outsold toyota's prius in japan. in colorado, the lions sleep tonight. the big cats were rescued from poor conditions in a bolivian circus to their new home in colorado. the relocation was funded by
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retired game show host bob barker. a long-term home for the lions is still under construction and will feature a biosphere to help them survive the chilly winters. it's now five minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt and natalie. >> so nice of mr. barker. cares for the animals so much. we wanted to wish nana ruth a happy 95th birthday. congratulations. she's in pennsylvania. mr. roker are special guests. >> that's right. got friends here from down under, trail. what is your name? >> paul. >> and your son luke. these guys are with the wiggles. they'll explain -- we have a special relationship with the wiggles. we'll explain coming up in may. are you having a nice time here? >> a bit cold for us, but it's okay. >> all right. good seeing you guys. let's check your weather, see what's happening. and oh, man, out west we are talking rain and snow. big storm coming in. we're talking about anywhere from one to three inches of rain from san francisco down to santa
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maria. we've got snow, good news for the skiers. it's going to be skier's delight. up to three feet of snow before it's all over. that is something. another big event, it's quinton and liam's tenth birthday today. how are you doing? where are you from? >> manhattan. >> manhattan. you made the trip all the way here. unbelievable! wow! they braved all sorts of >> we are off to a cool start, but it is going to be nice and mild this at noon. high temperatures will climb into the low 60s later on today. into the low 60s later on today. a
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>> and that's your latest weather. ann? this morning on "daily dose," dealing with aging. the single fastest-growing age group are those reaching 100 years old. what can you expect from your mind and your body when you age? you've got dr. mark agronin. he's the author of "how we age: a doctor's journey into the heart of growing old." and also returning is dr. nancy snyderman. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> doctor, let me start with you. you just mentioned to me earlier that the average age of the people you work with is 90. >> yes. >> what does this tell you given that there is such an antiaging bias in our country, what does
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that tell you about aging that perhaps we could maybe gain from? >> i think sometimes we tend to focus too much on the down side of aging. on the losses people face as they age, on illness, on death. what i've seen from working with older individuals is that we have to also focus on the positive elements. the fact that even as we age, there are new opportunities and new connections and for so many individuals, it can really be a wonderful time of life. >> for a lot of us -- >> for a lot of baby boomers, it's like, well, i'm not going to die. no, that's not an option. you're going to. but how do you embrace that second half of your life and own it? that's where the exciting work is being done. >> it has to be not just about living longer but living better. and the fact is that these are opportunities that we all have, but we have to have a positive attitude about it. >> live more deeply with a richer sense of life and sort of making the connections you're talking about in our minds in a joyful way. >> it's true. as people get older, we see that they have a better ability to be
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more positive, contrary to what people think. we think that most people are depressed, but that's not true. >> maybe that's an example of our first question. we've got an e-mail question from anne. she writes, my father, 82, has alzheimer's that he developed quickly. it has been terrible to see him go through this. how can i protect myself from this disease? is there clear evidence that we can prevent alzheimer's? >> this is one of the most common concerns that children and grandchildren have of an older relative. not every memory lapse as we get older means alzheimer's. and so my first question would be, is this actually alzheimer's? there could be some other form of memory impairment, many of which are reversible. the person needs a thorough evaluation. the main risk factor is age. the older we get, the greater risk there is of almshezheimer' >> certainly she's probably had her -- her father looked at. are you suggesting that sometimes doctors might -- and maybe this is a question for you, nancy. look at an elderly person and not look at all of the possible other options?
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>> the dangerous thing is to make the assumption that the correct diagnosis has been made. not all dementia is alzheimer's. i'd say to every baby boomer kid parent middle child out there, go to your parents' medicine cabinet and pull everything out. sometimes drug/drug interaction can masquerade as dementia, which is automatically diagnosed as alzheimer's. they are not all the same thing. >> it's true. you'd hate to make a diagnosis when it's not true. >> that's important. we have to kind of me our parents' advocate as well. >> absolutely. >> barbara in massachusetts is on skype. hello, barbara. what is your question? >> my question is how well -- how will compression of morbidity affect the baby boomers? >> that's a smart question, barbara. what do you think? >> well, our greatest fear of aging is that we'll be sick and suffering a long time before we pass away. this term compression of morbidity really refers to the
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hope that it will be a very short period of time in which we would be ill before we actually die. >> i see. i see. okay. thank you so much, barbara, for your question. let's move on to an e-mail from peggy from wilmington, north carolina. she writes i am 79 and on oxygen 24/7. it is more my mental feelings that bother my most. nothing to look forward to, a feeling of hopelessness that is ongoing. the most exciting thing in my life is when my "star" magazine comes. >> this is something that needs more social and mental stimulation from family or activities in the community. but i also would be concerned whether there's an element of depression. and so she really needs an evaluation. there's effective treatment, both talk therapy and medications. in the book i talk about boubo 96-year-old man with recurrent depression. we worked with him, he thrived in therapy. he came back and said, i have to tell you, my life has been turned around. this is at 96 when we tend to write people off that they can't make change. it is possible.
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>> people who are depressed feel worse. when you feel worse, you're mow depressed. it becomes this very vicious cycle. in some cases, i think medications may also be indicated in some patients for antidepressants. usually you have to extricate people from their depression and figure out what's causing it and break that cycle. >> you're really talking about taking a new look at aging so that we will enhance our ability to have rich, full lives, all the way up until we can't have one anymore. we need to rethink that and not write ourselves or our family members off. >> slide out at home plate. live it big and slide out. don't do anything that draws out the bad stuff. live a big life, do it right and slide out. >> it's never too late to make changes. >> all right. the book is called "how we age." thank you, as always. coming up next, how to get your spouse to save with smart money strategies. maybe they'll help you save yourself. also, later, charlie sheen
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on apparel. friday through tuesday. at sears. ♪ this morning on "today's money," how to get your spouse to save. what happens when your perfect partner turns out to be your financial opposite. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. >> you say it's actually pretty common that people end up with their financial opposite when it comes to the dating game. >> absolutely. academic research shows this time and time again. most recently, a survey by northwestern, university of pennsylvania, and university of michigan found that savers attract spenders and vice versa. we're hard-wired to do this. >> my husband and i are very much financial opposites. you yourself recently just became engaged. soap this is something that came on to your radar. there's your handsome fiance.
9:18 am
>> tim. we just got engaged last fall. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're very diligent and committed to saving. you can't date me and not be a saver, but we have spending patterns that are different. i love to shop for different things than he does. so it's been on our radar. now that we're getting closer to marriage, we're more concerned about our behaviors and more willing to save as a couple. >> yeah. and you say when we give people advice here now, the things you need to do to come together as a couple is to establish what you call a spending threshold. what do you mean by that? >> really important for the household purchases that will come off the joint account. don't come home with the ipad and call it a household expense or household purchase. >> really, you can't? >> and not have consulted your partner. spending thresholds, $150, $200. it's important to make that phone call. it's considerate. otherwise it may be selfish. >> it may keep you from that impulse buy as well. >> right. there are better things to spend that money on. >> right. next idea is a creative one.
9:19 am
you say have a cash contest. >> yes. >> the idea sheer to see who spends less cash during the week. >> right. as we know, cash limits us compared to credit cards. there's more pain associates with cash. make it a contest. make it fun. whoever ends up with the most money at the end of the week, say you start off with $50 or $75, whoever ends up with the most at the end of the week wins and the other has to clean the house or run the kids around to all of their various activities. whatever it is you despise the most, that's your -- what you have to do. >> okay. the take-home prize. this is from your personal experience. you want spouses to plan their meals ahead of time. >> especially for us, we live in new york city. so mump temptation to just go out and eat. plan early and ahead of time. know what the meals are going to be, at least a few of them. on sunday night, plan ahead. another important thing is to eat early. if we haven't eaten by the time "30 rock" comes on, we're in trouble. >> your waistline is going to
9:20 am
pay for it, too. >> right. we'll just pick up the phone and order thai food. this works. >> another thing, this is one that people debate when it comes to, you know, being a couple, to open your personal expense account, your own money that you set aside. >> so important. it establishes your onaona on - own autonomy. if you want to come home with the ipad and not have to face judgment or guilt, use your personal expense account, your own money. >> all right. and you say -- is there a percentage of a salary you should put aside? >> 10%, 15%, whatever you decide as a couple. one person may make more than the other, but as long as it's an equal percentage, that's fair. >> finally, take advantage of all of these free computer programs that are out there. i wasn't aware of them until i was doing research for this segment. >> the world of online budget s
9:21 am
tools is growing by the day. >> feel much better about yourself already, right? >> if you don't want to take your spouse's word for it that you're spending too much, you can see how others are and, you know, save an argument that way. >> show him the graphic of how everyone is spending more than you are. >> it's not me. it's everybody else. >> right. you also say teaching your spouse to be a saver is not something that's going to happen overnight too, be patient and learn how to work it out together. >> a group effort at the end of the day. you don't want to point fingers and say you're the spending. change. figure it out. figure it out together. no pointing fingers. >> all right. great information. >> sure. >> thank you. congrats. >> thank you. coming up, who let the dogs out? well, the five things every dog owner should know to train their pooch.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> this morning, a look at the satellite-radar combination. scattered clouds overhead, but all the rain is in the great lakes. warmer air moving in. that is the good news for our forecast during the day today. here is the outlook is statewide. a mixture of suns
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♪ in 2009, she was the grammy winner for best new artist and adead ha de del hasn't disappointed since. she now has a new album out. she's going to be here to sing for us live tomorrow on "today." >> beautiful voice. >> yeah. >> just close your eyes and
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listen to her. wow. powerful. coming up, well, another voice with charlie sheen. the actor called into a radio show, not once but twice, to talk about everything from his drinking to his partying. whether or not he's ever shown up to work drunk or high. we'll find out what he had to say, coming up. >> and giving advice to lindsay lohan. also, it's hard enough to get your spouses or kids to listen to you, but what about your pets? if your furry friend has you frustrated, we'll have five things that every dog owner needs to know. victoria stillwell is here with great advice. also, you may remember her from "top chef." we're talking about candice kumai. she's also known as the stiletto chef. she's going to help us create a girl's night in with her signature style of food, which we're told tastes even better than it looks. i like the pieces that she's serving them on. they're very girly. >> nice.
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>> a lot of pink up there today. meantime, how is the weather today, dear? >> not too bad. we'll take a look to the weekend. first of all, saturday we've got sunshine in the pacific northwest. but a lot of rain in southern california. showers in the mid-mississippi river valley. mild through the southeast. sunday we've got frigid conditions in new england. more snow back through the rockies for all you skiers. sunny skies along the west coast. and then for president's day, we've got warm weather down through florida. going to be nice. nice and mild, texas into the southwest. icy conditions in the northeast on into northern new england. frigid weather from the western great lakes on into the plains. that's what's going on -- why are you going >> looks like it is going to be a nice day to day. little cloud cover in some neighborhoods this morning. a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover this afternoon.
9:33 am
>> we just want to do a puppy show. >> puppy palooza right here. >> look at the one with the little white socks. look at them. look. >> okay. it's a party with the puppies. >> this could go wrong very quickly. >> we'll havthat coming up. and also charlie sheen coming up right after this. [ female announcer ] imagine the possibilities with stelara®.
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shop our largest selection online. hurry, it all starts friday! sears. charlie sheen has been in
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the headlines for weeks for his all-night partying and substance abuse. well, now he's speaking out about it all, calling into a nationally syndicated radio show twice this week. lee cowan is in los angeles with what the actor had to say. it's kind of revealing, lee. >> yeah, to say the least, al. this was definitely a charlie sheen unplugged. it was a series of overly casual conversations that were on the air about his private life that seemed a bit cavalier to some, especially given just how many jobs are at stake while they wait for the star of "two and a half men" to come back to work. charlie sheen loves baseball. not just on screen, but in real life, too. which is perhaps why he felt compelled to call into sports guru dan patrick's radio show on monday to explain a pep talk he recently gave ucla's baseball team. >> i said, stay away from the crack. which i think is pretty good
9:38 am
advice, unless you can manage it socially, dan. if you can manage it socially, go for it. but not a lot of people can, you know? >> that sent the tabloids scurrying to press. and the late-night comics into overdrive. >> what does that mean? i got that big i.t. meeting in the morning,o just one rock for me. thank you very much. i'm just a social crack smoker. >> reporter: but to the cast and crew who depend on sheen as the star of "two and a half men," it's no joke. hundreds have been out of work since the show was put in hiatus. >> how long have you been sober? >> i'm not in aa. i don't believe in it. it's off and on. it's been -- i was sober for five years and just bored out of my tree and decided, you know, this is inauthentic. it's not who i am. >> reporter: the message who his bosses seems to be i'm ready to work, but don't wait too long. >> i heal really quickly, but i also unravel pretty quickly, so get me right now, guys. get me right now.
9:39 am
>> reporter: executives had no comment on monday's interview other than to say that they plan to go back into production at month's end. but sheen apparently had second thoughts about his comments and called dan patrick back on wednesday to apologize. sort of. >> i'm sorry for stuff sounding flip. >> reporter: he insisted at work he's always been the consummate professional. >> were you drunk on the set during the show? >> never been drunk, never been high on the set once. but would show up not having slept much, asking the directordirector to move may mark so i could be near a table. >> reporter: to addiction specialists, that isn't a sign of professional. it could be a pattern about to be repeated. >> he's not interested in recovery. you know? all he -- he feels he's fine because he's testing clean. and that's all he's interested in is to be clean for a little while, go back to work, collect his millions, and then go home and party. >> i dare you to get lindsay on
9:40 am
the show. >> reporter: before hanging up, sheen said he had a parting advice for actress lindsay lohan, who has had her share of public trouble, too. >> what is your one piece of advice if i have lindsay lohan on? >> work on your impulse control. just try to think things through a little bit before you do them. >> charlie sheen, once again, he makes me sweat. >> now, industry sources, al, say they've already cut the number of new episodes of "two and a half men" down from eight to four. that's the second time in two years they've had to cut the season short. but charlie sheen says there's plenty of time to make up that work. >> lee cowan, thank you so much. coming up next, keeping your canine out of the doghouse, right after this. oad noise ] [ whispering female announcer ] there are other companies that have mini vans with similar safety features as the chrysler town and country.
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this morning on "today's pets," five tips every dog owner should know. victoria stillwell is author of "it's me or the dog" and hosted the animal planet show of the same name. every week she tries to restore ha harmomy in homes where pets are running wild. good morning, victoria. >> good morning. >> so usually it's not the puppy that's the problem. it's the reenforcement around the house. >> yes. >> and having a positive attitude and enforcing that positive behavior with the pets, right? >> that's what it's about. it's not about dominating your dog. it's about getting your dog to feel good. positive reenforcement teaches a dog to do something right and
9:45 am
doesn't force a dog or punish a dog when it does something wrong. and really this allows a dog to think for himself. plus, what i'm going to do here -- >> you just started working with this dog minutes ago. >> this is buddy. buddy realizes -- buddy has a backwards sneeze now. >> uh-oh. hairball. >> there. okay. sit. good. >> she's the dog whisperer. magic. >> when he sits, he gets a good reward, whether it's food, toys, play, petting. and it makes him feel good and then there's that connection between myself and buddy. i've only known him for about five minutes, but he's realizing and he's focusing on me. it's a great connection between dog and owner. >> what about when a dog is jumping up or there is bad behavior, when they wreck your house. the couch is destroyed. how do you have that positive reenforcement when they do something bad? >> you've got to contain your anger. i use discipline to guide not to instill fear but to guide.
9:46 am
so you either ignore behavior or you do time-outs or you do removal or you simply issue just like an -- a correction, a vocal correction to interrupt the dog and then get the dog to go on to something more positive. >> and help your socialize your dog. let them have their doggy play dates. they love it. >> it's so important with this puppy. look at this puppy. >> i think he's play dated out. >> she's tired. she's such a great example. you need to give socialization -- that means introducing puppies to great sights and sounds and people and all different kinds of environments. their brain is like a sponge. the more positive experiences they have when they're young, the morepusc experien positive they'll have when they're older. >> and then the physical exercise. you've got to make sure you get out and take your dog for a long walk. >> yes. we've got shanchantal here.
9:47 am
the more you can exercise your dog, the better. i would say if you don't do anything else with your dog, take them out for exercise. >> not just the physical exercise, but you also need to make sure you exercise their brains, right? >> right. >> what can you do? >> i love using activity toys. a dog has to work out how to get the food out of this toy. >> there's peanut butter in there. >> you have a great toy here for puppies and for dogs where they have to work out how to get the snakes out of this. all of this stimulates the brain and tires them out and a tired dog is a happy dog. >> just like people. they need the brain exercise as well. and then talking about taking care of your dog, really important to watch what they eat. the same way you watch what your family eats, do that with your pets. they're part of your family, too. >> this is betty the beagle. >> they're all tired this morning. >> he's rotund. put it nicely.
9:48 am
beagles can put on a lot of weight. it's important to feed your dog a really good food. and when you're looking at an ingredient pack, avoid foods that contain wheat and soy and corn. major allergens. also, no artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. the less ingredients, the better. >> so very natural foods. just as you read those labels, again, very closely. >> yes, yes. >> victoria, thank you. all of these pets are from stray from the heart. they're all up for adoption. great organization. we thank all our foster parents for being here as well. >> thank you. coming up, you can catch "it's me or the dog" on animal planet. check your local listings. coming up, fit and festive with the stiletto chef.
9:49 am
the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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this morning in "today's
9:51 am
kitchen," candice kumai is here with must-have party foods. the former "top chef" contestant, also known as the stiletto chef s all about making food look good, taste good and be good for you. her book is called "pretty delicious." candice, good to see you. the stiletto, do you always cook in stilettos? >> that's just something that people like to tease me about. it's a way i got through culinary school was modeling from before. so now that i'm a seasoned cook, i have the stilettos on for you today. >> thank you very much. we're making a great dip, something that you and your girlfriends could hang out with, eat while you're watching movies. >> right. i want to do a girl's night in. i want to really treat my girlfriends, but i want to make food that's really good for them, too. first we have what i call hot stuff spinach artichoke dip. we have onions and garlic sauteing. toss in the artichoke hearts. that's just two cans sliced up
9:52 am
thin. >> that's it? >> right. really easy. and then foods with benefits is what i like to add. >> nice. >> this is the fwb here, spinach. it's got viten in en iamins a, iron, which will keep you looking fabulous forever. >> you can have all of this f spinach and it ends up being nothing. >> that's right. you have concentrated flavors in here that are really going to shine. that's why we don't need a lot of fat. it's about creating balance. >> there is some fat. where does that come from? >> right over here. check out the -- we have light cream cheese and light mayo. so i've kind of made a swap-out here. originally you would use full fat on both. but then you're not going to look so fabulous in those heels. >> it's a trade-off. >> right, absolutely. >> but it still tastes good. >> it actually tastes great, i think. i can't really tell the difference.
9:53 am
you're fooling your friends. >> but if you don't tell them, they don't know. >> that's the other good thing. and after a few cocktails, everything is fabulous. >> right. so what happens now? you cook this up? >> right. we want to marry the two. so what i'm going to do -- >> it's like that new train song. ♪ marry me sorry. >> i don't know about that. we've got the spinach, the artichokes and then we'll marry these two. or you can sing the song while we do it. >> no, that's okay. we can't afford the rights. >> all right. so what we're going to do now, we'll combine the good with the bad, i always say. and then season with a little bit of sea salt. you are very good. look at that. i love it. >> i'm just stirring. >> i know you know what you're doing there. >> then what? >> then we place this into our baking tin. very good. >> okay. most of it got in. >> right. >> and then we want to toss that. put a little cheese inside or
9:54 am
just sprinkle it right on top. and then what we want to do is place this into an oven for 375 degrees. >> it comes out looking like this? >> just like this. >> and then you just dip it. >> you got it. >> look at that. go to town. >> what have we got back here? >> okay. everybody loves chinese chicken salad, right? little do you know that it's actually -- >> i do! >> oh, hi, ann. hi, natalie. >> this is fantastic. >> chinese chicken salad, people think it's good for you. it's actually really heavy on the hips. >> but you're lightning it up. >> this is the frersh version. the food with benefit in here is cabbage. it helps you detoxify. we have cabbage, chicken, cilantro. we'll pour our dressing in there. it's soy souse, vinegar, ginger, sesame oil. we toss that all in. a little bit of honey in there, too, for sweetness. toss that up. >> don't you just love that al is doing the segment on girls'
9:55 am
night in? >> i know. >> i'm in touch with my feminine side. that's right. >> it's fantastic. >> yep. >> so glad that the girls are coming over. >> these are wonton cups. >> he know wheres s where to be. >> you make these inside of a muffin tin. you just bake them up with sesame oil and sea salt. >> there you go. >> perfect. >> these are portabello mu
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> we started the morning with temperatures generally above freezing.
9:58 am
40's, it into the 50s, and around 60 for the high. a little cooler to the north. here is the forecast for today, here is the forecast for today, a mixture of sunshine and
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